APMB4-10G - AEWA Print Manager Board

APMB4 is the fourth generation of Print Manager Boards from AEWA. It is the core hardware of the AEWA Printing System and can drive up to 8 printhead boards. It connects to the printhead boards via optical fiber cables which makes the data transfer immune to electromagnetic interference.


  • Supports 1G and 10G Ethernet.
  • High speed Operation:
    • 1-Gigabit Ethernet: 103 MBytes/sec.
    • 10-Gigabit Ethernet: 270 Mbytes/sec.
    • Optical interface to printheads: 600 MBits/sec.
    • Encoder: 80 MBits/sec.
  • 8-Gigabit RAM.
  • Can drive up to 8 printhead boards.
  • Up to 500 meter distance from printhead boads through optical fiber cables.
  • Easy daisy-chaining. Unlimited APMB4 boards van be connected together to drive more than 8 printhead boards.
  • Supports single pass, continuous, multi pass, flatbed, rotary spiral and rotary step printing modes.
  • High speed encoder signal multiplication and division logic which enables any printing resolution.
  • Software programmable internal virtual encoder and print start signal.
  • Full featured printhead control (drive voltage, temperature, waveform, grayscale, etc.).
  • Firmware update over Ethernet.
  • 2x optically isolated inputs
  • 2x optically isolated outputs
  • Single 24V input voltage.
  • Reverse polarity, over current and surge current protection.
  • Small footprint, 110mm x 136 mm.
  • SHA-1 Encryption for firmware copy protection.


  • APRINT printing software including raster image processor (RIP) and human machine interface (HMI).
  • ApmbVawe, printhead vaweform generation software.
  • APMB Software Development Kit (SDK) for C++ and .NET. Supports Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Software compatible to APMB2 and APMB3.

APMB4 10G Hardware User Guide(EN)