DXP43 -  DMD Control Board, DLP® 0.95 1080p


DXP43 is a very high performance and highly flexible hardware for incorporating DLP® technology into a wide variety of light steering applications.

DXP43 enables exceptionally fast pattern rates up to 24.000 frames per second. In addition, the optical data interface enables users to control DXP43 remotely from very long distances up to kilometers.

At the heart of DLP® technology is the Digital Micro-mirror Device (DMD). DXP43 supports DLP9500 DMD, well suited for solutions requiring high resolution, optical throughput and brightness. Furthermore, the powerful Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA  offers designers maximum flexibility to format and sequence light patterns.

DXP43 also offers designers more advanced control of the micro-mirrors through random row addressing in addition to full frame input. This added flexibility enables diverse architectures for industrial, medical, security, telecom, and instrumentation applications.


  • Supports DLP9500, DLP® 0.95 1080p 2xLVDS Type A DMD
  • Supports UV and visible DMDs  
  • Scrolling and standing image options
  • Resolution up to 1920x1080 pixels
  • Frame rate up to 24.000 frames per second
  • Optical data interface with SFP connector
  • Highly configurable through Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA
  • Micro SD card to store encrypted FPGA firmware
  • JTAG Programming Interface for the FPGA
  • 64-bit DDR, 400 MHz LVDS data interface to the DMD device
  • 2 oscillator clocks, 50 MHz LVCMOS and 100 MHz LVDS
  • 95 x 135 mm dimensions
  • Single 5V input power
DLP® is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments Inc.