PHB-FALCON – SEIKO Printhead Driver Board


PHB-FALCON is printhead driver board for SEIKO 1024GH, 508GS and 510BN printheads. It connects to AEWA Print Manager Board (APMB) via optical fiber cable which makes the data transfer immune to electromagnetic interference.


  • Supports 3 different printhead types from SEIKO
  • 1024HG, 360 dpi, 1024 nozzles, model code IEB1024N0L.
  • 508GS, 180 dpi, 508 nozzles, model code IRH2513J .
  • 510BN 180 dpi, 510 nozzles, model code IRH1513E.
  • Optical fiber interface for long distances, 600 Mbits/sec.

  • Generates accurate printhead driving voltages which are factory programmed. Printhead voltages can be further adjusted for special ink types.Printhead voltage control with respect to temperature.
  • Correct voltage sequencing during power ON and power OFF.
  • Gray scale printing, up to 16 levels (8 levels for 508GS, binary for 510BN).
  • Printing waveform is generated and programmed with ApmbWave software and stored in the EEPROM.
  • 4 different tickle pulse generation logic during printing and not printing phases to keep nozzles always active (not for 510BN).
  • Special logic to reduce crosstalk between nozzles even when printing with very big drops.
  • Printhead temperature monitor, over temperature protection.
  • Firmware update over optical interface.
  • Single 48V input voltage with reverse polarity, over current and surge current protection.
  • SHA-1 Encryption for firmware copy protection.
  • Small footprint, 110mm x 90mm.
  • Easy software integration with APMB SDK which supports native C++ and .NET programming languages such as C# or Visual Basic.
  • Compatible with APRINT RIP and print software.

PHB-FALCON Hardware User Guide (EN)