DLP® Technology Overview

dlpDigital Light Processing (DLP) is a trademark owned by Texas Instruments. At the heart of every DLP projection system is an optical semiconductor known as the DLP chip, which was invented by Dr. Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments in 1987.

The DLP chip is perhaps the world's most sophisticated light switch. It contains a rectangular array of up to 8 million hinge-mounted microscopic mirrors; each of these micromirrors measures less than one-fifth the width of a human hair.

When a DLP chip is coordinated with a digital video or graphic signal, a light source, and a projection lens, its mirrors can reflect a digital image onto any surface.

A DLP chip's micromirrors tilt either toward the light source in a DLP projection system (ON) or away from it (OFF). This creates a light or dark pixel on the projection surface.

The bit-streamed image code entering the semiconductor directs each mirror to switch on and off up to ten thousand times per second. When a mirror is switched on more frequently than off, it reflects a light gray pixel; a mirror that's switched off more frequently reflects a darker gray pixel.

In this way, the mirrors in a DLP projection system can reflect pixels in up to 1,024 shades of gray to convert the video or graphic signal entering the DLP chip into a highly detailed grayscale image.

The white light generated by the light source in a DLP projection display system passes through a color filter as it travels to the surface of the DLP chip. This filters the light into a minimum of red, green, and blue, from which a single-chip DLP projection system can create at least 16.7 million colors.

DLP Technology advantages:

  • Extremely clear picture
  • Persistent phenomenal picture quality
  • True 1080p technology, no limitations on resolution
  • 100% digital DLP chip for a truly accurate picture
  • Ideal for motion-rich action scenes
  • Low power consumption

Further information about DLP can be found on http://www.dlp.com

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