DRV-D3000 – EPSON Printhead Driver Board


DRV-D3000 is AEWA printhead driver board for EPSON D3000 printheads. It connects to AEWA Print Manager Board (APMB) via optical fiber cable. Designed with latest technologies, DRV-D3000 enables to control all digital, analog and power interfaces of D3000 printheads.


  • Supports EPSON D3000 printhead (1200 dpi, 2952 nozzles)
  • Can print 2 colors with one printhead (2x 600dpi).
  • Optical fiber interface for long distances, 2x600 Mbits/sec.
  • Generates accurate printhead driving voltages which are factory programmed. Printhead voltages can be further adjusted for special ink types.
  • Printhead voltage control with respect to the temperature.
  • Correct voltage sequencing during power ON and power OFF.
  • Gray scale printing, up to 4 levels.
  • Printing waveform stored in the EEPROM.
  • Tickling pulse generation logic to keep nozzles always active.
  • Printhead temperature monitor, over temperature protection.
  • Firmware update over optical interface.
  • Single 42V input voltage with reverse polarity, over current and surge current protection.
  • SHA Encryption for firmware copy protection.
  • Dimensions: 265 x 59 mm.
  • Compatible with APMB Software Development Kit (SDK) for C++ and .NET.  Supports Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • ApmbWave analog waveform designer support with drop watcher interface.
  • Compatible with APRINT RIP and Print software.

DRV-D3000 Hardware User Guide